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Opening A New Account

There are two easy options for opening a new account from the Website. Choose the option that suits you the best, in store, or by mail.

Option 1: Apply on-line to complete in store.

Option 2: Apply on-line to complete by mail.

After completing our online application, your request will be processed and required paperwork will be available and ready to sign at a Metro Bank store of your choosing. Visit the Metro Bank you select to complete your account opening as early as one business day after your application has been submitted.

Select a store and click Continue to complete your account opening at a Metro Bank store.

After completing our online application, any account opening forms will be mailed to you to be completed and returned. Once we receive your completed forms along with your opening deposit and valid form of identification, your account opening will be completed and you will receive a new account welcome kit in the mail within 5 business days.

Click here to complete your account opening by mail.

One or more of the following forms of identification are required for each account owner:

Primary Forms of Identification:

Secondary Forms of Identification:

  • US Drivers License
  • Vehicle Registration or Proof of Insurance
  • Military ID
  • Employer ID with Photo
  • US Passport
  • Major or Local Credit or ATM Card
  • Foreign Passport (Requires W-8BEN Form)
  • Alien Registration Card (green card)
  • State ID Card with Photo (Requires secondary form of ID)
  • Student Visa (Visa type: F, J, M or Q)
  • School ID Card with Photo (Only for minors under the age of 16 or do not  yet have drivers license)
  • Temporary Visa with expiration date


  • Veteran's Card


  • Utility Bill


  • Tax Return
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