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Interest Rates

Manufactured Home Loans
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Terms and interest rates are subject to change without notice.

APR* Term Payment**
9.24 % 0-60 months $20.88
9.49 % 61-84 months $16.34
9.49 % 85-120 months $12.93
-   Maximum term 120 months. Value must be established via NADA book or appraisal. Rates are for mobile homes located in park or rented land. Maximum LTV 75%. Security interest perfected via encumbrance of title. Collateral insurance required listing Metro Bank as loss payee. Flood insurance required if located in special flood hazard area.
**   Sample payment assumes the maximum term per $1000 borrowed. Example, for 0-60 months, the sample payment is for 60 months.
*   APR (Annual Percentage Rate) - Rates listed require automatic payment deduction (APD) from a Metro Bank account. Add 0.50% without APD.

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