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IRA Products

Save for your future in a way that is most convenient for you

Plan for Retirement Wisely with an IRA

Metro offers two types of non-deductible IRAs --the Roth and Education IRAs-- that feature tax-free distributions.


Depending on which IRA you choose, the interest you earn may be tax-deferred or tax-free and the contributions you make may even be tax-deductible. Consult your tax advisor or click here for additional information regarding eligibility and contribution limits.

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IRA Certificate of Deposit

Watch your retirement investment grow. In exchange for a fixed-term commitment of your funds, you get high interest rates that are guaranteed for the entire period. Terms range from six months to five years.

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Add-On IRA

Add to your IRA what you can, when you can. Many find this easier than making one large deposit each year. It's an especially good way to systematically save for retirement or a child's education.

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